Celebrate Today Magnet Board Kit | Craft with Jayne | Stampin Up!

Hi all, this is a quick ‘micro blog’ showcasing the fabulous Celebrate Today Magnet Board Kit! Stampin Up! regularly release kits which are on the website, but aren’t found in the catalogue as they change throughout the year. I love the kits because they are so versatile and really great for new crafters, crafting on the fly and card classes, as they have all of the supplies you need in the box.

The Kits’ collections are usually cards or gift bags/boxes etc. this kit is very different, its a beautiful decorative magnetic board for your wall, you can use the papers and accessories within the kit to decorate, or you can switch it up with items from your craft supply!

Product Link: Celebrate Today Magnet Board Kit: https://www.stampinup.uk/products/celebrate-today-magnet-board-kit?demoid=5049163

Please click the links above for the exact products used or click this ‘Shop with me’ link: https://www.stampinup.uk?demoid=5049163

Happy Crafting!

Jayne x

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